Breckinridge Elkins, page 7

I've just uploaded a new page of my adaption of the first Breckinridge Elkins story 'Mountain Man'.

There have been a few hiccups along the way to establishing a look and style for this strip, the biggest being the need to replace a fine colorist in Cayetano Garza, who got swamped with work and had to leave the strip. He's established a fine colouring guide for the strip after we discussed what I'd like at length over the first dozen pages. I'm sad to see him go.

I've decided to take over the colouring duties and refine what Cat had started. So if you have any opinions one way or the other about the look of the strip, now's your chance to pop over to the site, take a look and comment.

Or comment here for that matter... I'll get it.

I'm very happy with the latest page, so if there aren't too many objections, I'll revisit the earlier pages over the next few weeks.

... and please, spread the word about the Breck webcomic. It would be much appreciated.

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