Top design: Age of Aces Books and website

"For the best in pulp aviation & more."

That's what the website says, right at the top, but the 'more' is definitely the Kalb Bros... designers par excellence.

Chris Kalb came to my attention many years ago with his lovely Doc Savage website The 86th Floor. He's a great designer that has a love of all things pulp and you can tell. And because he's a truly talented art director that knows his stuff, each of his websites show crisp, clean design solutions, easy navigation and lots of content features and extras that make you want to stay and have a good look around. The Age of Aces site is his latest effort with his brother, David, and editor Bill Mann. It's no exception to the Kalb's high standards. I love visiting site's like this. A real pleasure. Tight.

The imprint's publications are also impeccably designed by the Kalbs, making for a unified 'brand' and a very easy on the eye reading experience. Check 'em out!

Well done, boys!

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